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Coast Hwy Traders had such an amazing Day of the Dead Mural Unveiling. Thank you to the amazing artists Debi Winger and Mayra Navarro for a beautiful mural. This mural was made possible thru the Alley Activation Program organized by the Encinitas 101 MainStreet Association (formerly DEMA). If you have not seen this mural in person please come to Coast Hwy Traders at 530 S. Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas, Ca.

(read more about the mural here)

Below are some pictures of the Mural progress and the unveiling.


painting cht 2before the mural was painted


finished muralour new Day of the Dead Mural at Coast Hwy Traders


12208354_10153151707912927_465653547870510165_ndancers at the unveiling



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Welcome to Coast Hwy Traders


When you enter the doors of Coast Hwy Traders a gift store near San Diego in the coastal town of Encinitas you immediately know this is not your typical gift store experience. The smell of incense, the sounds of  world beats, and the bright colors transport you to a world bazaar.

At Coast Hwy Traders we believe in shopping outside the box!  Our store houses local artisans with handmade gifts, an array of exotic gifts from around the world, and the largest selection of Day of the Dead merchandise in San Diego.

Traditional Mexican Pottery…….

Coast Hwy Traders takes pride in specializing in traditional Mexican pottery and ceramics. We feature a wide range of colorful ceramics handcrafted by the Ortega family of Mexico. The ceramics include whimsical chickens, pigs, dogs and much more. Coast Hwy Traders also specializes in handcrafted Mexican jewelry new and antique.

Ortega Ceramic Section

Day of the Dead……

Coast Hwy Traders has the best selection of Day of the Dead merchandise in San Diego!.

The owner goes directly to the amazing artisans located all over Mexico. She hand picks each piece to be included in the store. To celebrate Day of the Dead in San Diego…the only place to shop is Coast Hwy Traders!

Day of the Dead Section

World Market……..

We have beautiful teak items from Bali including hand carved mermaid statues. We have a wonderful Nepalese section with singing bowls, incense, saris and fabric. Nesting Dolls from Russia, Turkish Art and much more………


teak mermaid from Bali

Seashells and more…..

Having trouble finding shells on the beach? Not a problem we have tons and we will even give you a bucket to fill with shells. There is even a special treasure chest for the kids…..

Forgot your sunglasses or hat? Come on in and we will help you. Plenty of tourist t-shirts for adults and children too!!

The Treasure Chest in the Seashell Section

Unique Clothes…….

Need a new unique outfit? We carry Satori Designs, a clothing line “featuring beautiful fabrications from around the world in free flowing silhouettes”….Roya Parviz (designer).  Her line also features hand crafted jewelry made to enhance each outfit.

Satori Designs in our Clothes Section

Local artists…..

Coast Hwy Traders supports the many talented local artists of our area. Including jewelry artisan Rena Howe and painter Alan Casagrandes. Rena Howe is a self taught artist who makes beautiful jewelry as well as wonderful mosaics and wind-chimes. Alan Casagrandes is a wonderful whimsical artist painting many of the local scenes.

Alan Casagrandes Section

If you have any questions about any of the merchandise on this page please feel free to email me at