Cacao Mexican Chocolate

Cacao Mexican Chocolate


 For 5000 years the Cacao bean has been in Mexico including cultures along the Yucatan like the Mayans.

A Spanish soldier who was part of the conquest of Mexico by Cortes tells that when Montezuma II, emperor of the Aztecs, dined, he took no other beverage than chocolate flavored with vanilla or other spices. His chocolate was whipped into a froth that dissolved in the mouth. No fewer than 60 portions each day reportedly may have been consumed by Moctezuma II.



Chocolate was introduced to Europe by the Spanish and it became a popular beverage by the mid-17th century. They didn’t use sugar in the recipe until the Europeans added it hundreds of years later.

Nowadays, Mexicans enjoy their hot cocoa as a nightly treat with sweetbreads (pan dulce) and during the Day of the Dead celebrations you can find all manner of Mexican chocolate in the shape of skeletons and skulls.






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