Flaming Heart Sacred Heart Milagros

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Flaming Heart Sacred Heart Milagros

Traditionally Milagros are used by people to petition saints for help or protection. In many churches in Mexico , you see statues of the Virgin Mary or other saints. People pin their Milagros or miracle on these saints .


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Each Milagros is made for a specific purpose so their is a lot of variety. Sometimes you come across an unexpected Milagros like a car.
I think of Milagros as having dual or triple meanings, for example a car could mean you need or want a new car or your car is acting funny and you are praying for it not to break down.

The heart, flaming heart (sacred heart) could be a prayer to find love, announcing love or to heal a defective heart.

Milagros are now put on crosses, hands and Hearts for ornamental use.

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