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La Catrina …. Flesh and Blood

La Catrina …. Flesh and Blood



Here in the United States on Halloween you can see ghosts, goblins, princesses and pirates. In Mexico the influence (possibly) of Halloween can be seen in the Day of the Dead celebrations and the many people who bring Jose Guadalupe Posada La Catrina to life.


Posada2.CatrinaJose Guadalupe Posada La Catrina

In Mexico’s capital many celebrations of the Day of the Dead can be found. They highlight the color, local food, Mexican folk art and crafts of the city. The traditional La Catrina with the European style hat can be seen walking around the festivals in the flesh.

People use face paint to create in elaborate fashion La Catrina and the human skull. They use white paint as a base and then black is used to represent eye sockets, nose openings and teeth. Then colors and patterns are added like the decorations on the Day of the Dead sugar skulls. The paint can also extend to their bodies too.



Costumes are also added to the human version of La Catrina. You can see La Catrina as a bride, Frida Kahlo, or in various forms of Mexican traditional dress. These very real depictions of the La Catrina can be attributed to the Mexican culture views on death.

Death is apart of life and should be embraced. Vibrant colors, flowers, wedding veils add life and warmth to the human skeleton of La Catrina.





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Frida Khalo a Feminist of Her Time

 frida blogFrida Khalo items at Coast Hwy Traders

Frida Khalo was an iconic Mexican artist way ahead of her time. She started painting after an horrific trolley car accident . In 1921 she approached Diego Rivera while he was painting a mural and asked him to look at her paintings. Though only 21 , she was already a woman of the world. Diego loved her paintings.

They did marry twice, loving each other but the relationship was tumultuous, they both had affairs. After Frida died Diego said she was his one true love. His health deteriorated after she died.

Frida was always her own person,known as a feminist. She smoked cigars and drank like a man. Almost half of her paintings were of herself. She liked to mirror back herself. You can see so much pain and suffering in her paintings. I admire this woman who though in extreme pain most of her life lived her life to the fullest.

Check out the Selma Hayek movie Frida

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Coast Hwy Traders

530 S Coast Hwy 101

Encinitas Ca


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Day of the Dead Event

Day of the Dead Event

Coast Hwy Traders window with Day of the Dead display and artwork

If you live in the San Diego area come to the Day of the Dead event at Coast Hwy Traders on October 20th 2012.

Coast Hwy Traders is proud to host this Day of the Dead artist reception for local artist Suzanne Gilliland. Suzanne is a truly talented artist who has been heavily influenced by the early California Pleine Air painters and Monet. She has also spent time in India so you will see that influence in her work as well.

Here is a sampling of Suzanne Gilliland’s 2012 collection of Dead of the Dead paintings

The portrait of Frida : Dressed Up for the Day of the Dead

The portrait of Frida is part of series called ” DEATH BECOMES HER “… “I love Frida Kahlo as she was a great painter and remarkable woman and a continuing inspiration to me.. She had a particular relationship to death which she expressed in some of her work and that is what informed these pieces”…Suzanne Gilliland artist

The High Priestess

The High Priestess is part of  The Tarot Series. “The tarot pieces are complete whimsy on my part and I selected some of the images used,combining two very different decks  from the cards that appealed to me.” Suzanne Gilliland artist

Party in the Graveyard

This is drawn from the more classical depictions of antics of celebrations on the Day of the Dead.


Day of the Dead Event information:

When : Saturday, Oct 20th 2012
Where: Coast Hwy Traders 530 S Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas Ca 92024 760-944-1381
Time: 5-8pm


Along with Suzanne’s amazing art work there will be “Day of the Dead” food, wine and live music. If you feel the “spirit” come dressed in your best “Day of the Dead” attire.

To RSVP  or if you have any questions please email