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The Legend of the Margarita

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The Legend of the Margarita

So one of the legends around how the margarita was invented started with a Bartender and a woman (of course!)

The bartender was in love with a beautiful singer named Margarita. She would perform regular at the bartender’s bar. She loved tequila!

So the bartender created a drink for her with a slice of lime as green as her dress. It was made with the finest tequila the bartender had at his bar. The salt on the rim of the glass represented a halo for her angelic presence.

So the next time you create your perfect margarita think of this story….Maybe there is an inspirational “Margarita” in your life!!!…


Margarita Recipe Tip:

Remember the best margaritas tend to have two parts tequila, balanced with one part each of sour and sweet ingredients.

The Crafty Chica has some great Margarita recipes too!!!

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