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La Catrina …. Flesh and Blood

La Catrina …. Flesh and Blood



Here in the United States on Halloween you can see ghosts, goblins, princesses and pirates. In Mexico the influence (possibly) of Halloween can be seen in the Day of the Dead celebrations and the many people who bring Jose Guadalupe Posada La Catrina to life.


Posada2.CatrinaJose Guadalupe Posada La Catrina

In Mexico’s capital many celebrations of the Day of the Dead can be found. They highlight the color, local food, Mexican folk art and crafts of the city. The traditional La Catrina with the European style hat can be seen walking around the festivals in the flesh.

People use face paint to create in elaborate fashion La Catrina and the human skull. They use white paint as a base and then black is used to represent eye sockets, nose openings and teeth. Then colors and patterns are added like the decorations on the Day of the Dead sugar skulls. The paint can also extend to their bodies too.



Costumes are also added to the human version of La Catrina. You can see La Catrina as a bride, Frida Kahlo, or in various forms of Mexican traditional dress. These very real depictions of the La Catrina can be attributed to the Mexican culture views on death.

Death is apart of life and should be embraced. Vibrant colors, flowers, wedding veils add life and warmth to the human skeleton of La Catrina.





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Day of the Dead Altars and their Meanings


Mexican Altars are used as a way to remember or honor a family member or loved one, a special saint, or a special time or remembrance. Altars have been apart of the Mexican culture since Cortez and his Spanish troops came to Mexico. The altars can be made from wood, paper or an old cigar box. They are colorful, inspirational, religious, or just plain fun.

Altars play a huge part in the Day of the Dead celebrations. As part of the Day of the Dead celebration it is believed that the dead are allowed to return to Earth. The altars are made to help guide the spirits of the dead to the homes of  the loved ones. The sweet smell of flowers, the candle light and the colors of the altar all help to guide the spirit home!




That is why the altars are filled with brightly colored marigolds. Colorful decorations, like Papel Picados and blankets. Tons of food, sweets, and drinks are also laid out on the altars. The altars are also filled with incense and candles. Mementos of the deceased loved one is also placed on the altars. Like pictures, their favorite piece of clothing, their favorite foods etc.  All these altars are true works of art!

Coast Hwy Traders has Day of the Dead candles, colorful papel picados, Day of the Dead statues, crafts and much more. Come in to a local small business and purchase all your “Real” Day of the Dead merchandise from artists and not Box Stores!!

Below is a great picture of the altar and the meanings behind each item…..






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Day of the Dead Weddings

Hearts, doves, beautiful flowers, candles, and skeletons????

Yes, that is right skeletons heads, figures of skeletons as bride and groom, skeleton cookies and cake plus rich colors and beautiful flowers.

They all make for a traditional Day of the Dead themed wedding. The Day of the Dead themed weddings are growing in popularity.

Day of the Dead celebrations are well known in Mexico. This is the day that all family members come together to remember their departed loved ones. It is also a time to reflect on life and death. To remember that life is short and that loved ones need to be cherished, just like life.

Weddings are a celebration of love, life, family….just like Day of the Dead celebrations!

Not to mention Day of the Dead motif can be very vibrant and fun, perfect for a Wedding celebration.


Coast Hwy Traders specializes in Day of the Dead merchandise including Wedding decorations.


Beautiful Day of the Dead cake toppers are perfect for the top of your wedding. We even have boy/boy figures and girl/girl figures (above) along with the traditional man/woman figures.


For your toasting glasses we have these hand painted Day of the Dead glasses.


Brightly colored papel picado banners make for a wonderful canopy at the altar or hanging outside for the reception party.

Use our brightly colored Day of the Dead fabric (see above) for tablecloths for the main wedding table, cake table, or even to make small favor bags.

For wedding favors for the guests we have milagros to tie on to boxes or bags of candies. You can make adorable and yummy skeleton sugar molds as a wedding favor too.


Plus our store as a wonderful selection of Mexican folk art ceramics for gifts for your wedding party.

Candles also make a beautiful decoration for a wedding. We have some with skeletons and religious symbols.


Day of the Dead themed weddings are not for everyone, but if you embrace the meaning behind it, to love life and celebrate family and love ones it can truly make for a special day.

If you are interested in a Day of the Dead wedding please feel free to contact Bev at and remember that at Coast Hwy Traders we can also set up a bridal registry.