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The Pink Lady of Malibu Canyon

 pink lady of malibu canyon..casagrande

 The Pink Lady of Malibu Canyon


The Pink Lady of Malibu Canyon appeared on October 29, 1966. The pink lady was 60 feet tall and she was painted on the cliff above the Los Angels, California highway over night. The pink lady attracted crowds and fans from all over. It took a week and tons of paint to cover her up.

The Pink Lady was painted by Lynne Seemayer. She was a 31 year old paralegal and an artist. Seemayer, after the dust settled about her Pink Lady became a well known artist in the Los Angeles area.

Local artist Alan Casagrande has created this beautiful painting (see above) depicting the Pink Lady of Malibu Canyon. Alan’s other local artwork can be found at Coast Hwy Traders.



pink-lady-carsphoto of original Pink Lady




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